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Certified Translation Office from the American Embassy in Cairo

As a certified translation office by the American Embassy, First Translation Services provides professional translation services from and to English, Arabic, and other languages.

We understand the importance of accurate and reliable translations for official documents. Our certified translation offices work closely with clients to meet their translation needs with quality and professionalism.

Our translator’s team specializes in all fields and provides accurate and professional translations of various documents, such as commercial registries, tax cards, tax declarations, birth and marriage certificates, and experience certificates. Also provides academic certificates, contracts, labor contracts, movement certificates, power of attorney, and other documents certified from the American embassy.

In addition to our exceptional translation services, we also specialize in professional interpretation services that facilitate effective communication in various industries.

Our interpreter team is well-versed in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation techniques, ensuring smooth and accurate communication between individuals or groups speaking different languages. First Translation Company provides interpretation for conferences, business meetings, legal proceedings, medical consultations, and others.

Our interpreters possess a deep understanding of cultural nuances and linguistic intricacies, allowing them to convey messages accurately while maintaining the intended tone and context.

We don’t limit ourselves to English language or Certified Translation only; we have a group of specialized translators in various fields, including legal, technical, medical, financial, commercial, economic, and localization.

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