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First Translation Services

Has become a certified translation company by embassies, Consulates, and government authorities in Egypt and abroad since our first inauguration in 2011.

Certified translation services start with experienced professional translators with extensive experience in various fields. The process ends with auditing and reviewing through linguistic auditors and reviewers, as well as, professional professors. First Translation Services provides certified translation services at unbeatable prices. Along with excellent service to our clients not only to fulfill your needs but also beyond your expectations for what the company can perform through the registered branches of our certified translation offices in Cairo.

Now you can easily get a professional translation, specialized translation, and certified translation by all embassies, consulates, and government authorities. Translate all your documents through our certified translation offices in Cairo. We are ready to assist you with various types of translation services whether online or through visiting our branches in Cairo.
Our services include the translation of university certificates, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and marriage contracts. Also, we provide financial translation, medical translation, technical translation, legal translation, and more.

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What makes the first translation unique and different?

Simply because First Translation Company and our registered branches handled translations professionally according to international standards. As there are many automated translation platforms on the Internet. Where the project manager of the company assigns the translation works to a professional translator both in his field, whether certified translation or general translation.

Our Company Structure

  • Executive Director of the company
  • Deputy Executive Director
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer of the company
  • Linguistic auditors and reviewers
  • Specialized translators
  • Secretaries
  • Customer service staff

The Company Plan

In order to achieve our vision and translate our theoretical objectives into actions, First Translation Services has developed a clear strategy focusing on the following key points:

Continuous improvement of quality

The success of First Translation Services was not easy to become a pioneer in the translation industry in Egypt. Such success is the result of a long hard-working record and a professional and specialized team of interpreters and translators. However, the ambition of First Translation Services will not stop at this point. We will also continue to work hard in order to improve quality as an integral part of a complete success story.

Client-focus strategy

This is the rule we all work on during the entire translation process. First Translation Services pays special attention to client satisfaction rates. No matter how tight your deadline is or how difficult your text is to be translated. We have a team of highly experienced professional translators who will be able to deliver the best quality work in all fields within your reasonable budget.


The main principle of our company

First Translation Services employs part-time and full-time translators, graphic designers, IT professionals, editors, project managers, and management staff who have multicultural and ethical aspects. At First Translation Services, we firmly believe that our distinguished team in our translation offices in Cairo is the real asset of our Company. So we always focus on empowering and supporting them. We are committed to an advanced level of obligation to enhance the skills and capabilities of our team. Furthermore, fulfilling their needs and expectations to work in a sustainable business environment such as rewards, promotion, and career stability.

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