Ukrainian and Russian Embassies

Certified Translation office from the Russian Embassy

Certified Translation office from Russian embassy. Russian and Ukrainian languages are of great importance in business, energy, and other fields worldwide. Due to its importance, First Translation office offers certified Russian and Ukrainian translations. Our team of translators has a special Russian language department to provide high-quality certified translation to meet the needs of our customers and this is to and from the Russian language. Also, we employ Russian-speaking translators to ensure excellent and accurate translation.

Certified Translation office from the Ukrainian Embassy

Our certified office also provides certified Ukrainian translation services to individuals, companies, and institutions. Our translation process ensures complete confidentiality for our clients in the translation of various documents. We translate all official documents such as;  birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, visas, passports, criminal records, reports, graduation certificates, commercial agreements,  power of attorney, and other documents.

The translation is not in Russian and Ukrainian languages only. We have a group of translators who provide certified translations approved by the Russian embassy in Cairo. The translator in our translation offices specializes in many various translation fields such as;

Legal Translation

Technical Translation

Medical Translation

Financial Translation

Websites Translation

Game Localization

Commercial and economic translation etc.

First Translation Services provides a certified translation by the Russian embassy and Ukrainian embassy in Cairo at competitive prices and high-quality translation services.

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