Introduction to the Translation Training Courses

First Translation Company offers translation training in many different languages, for example, English translation, French translation, and Chinese translation. The trainers will be translators and experts specialized in the field of translation who contributed greatly to various translation fields and have abundant experience in how to qualify translators professionally.

Duration of the Translation Training

  • The duration of the training is one full month from the start date.
  • Number of sessions: 8
  • The course shall be divided into 2 sessions a week throughout the month and the session period is 2 hours.

Advantages of the Training:

  • The trainee will have a certificate certified by First for Translation Services.
  • First will give the chance to the distinguished to join its work team.
  • Trainees will receive the training material to get the most out of the course content.
  • Trainees will be qualified to deal with local and international translation agencies, as well as have some professional experience.

If interested