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Certified Translation Offices in Cairo

First Translation Services through its certified translation offices in Cairo provides certified translation services for foreign embassies,  ministries, governments, and international agencies in Egypt and abroad. Also, we offer our skills and services to our clients around the world at reasonable prices. We are pleased to present to you the reasons for the excellence of our services compared to other companies operating in the same field.


First Translation Focus On Many Industries

Now you can easily get a professional translation, specialized translation, and certified translation services for all your documents online or through our certified translation offices in Cairo. So, Choose First Translation Company for your translation needs.

Why Choose Us

First Translation Services and its certified translation offices in Cairo was established in 2011 to provide services of certified translation and specialized translation inside and outside Egypt.

Accuracy & Speed

First Translation Services provides high quality, accurate and fast professional translation services through a four-stage quality assurance process: “Translation, Review, Audit and Quality Assurance” with an integrated team of translators and auditors.


First Translation Services has a group of expert and competent certified translators in all fields to meet the needs of our customers in all specializations.

Customers Service

We have a distinguished customer service team that works to meet all the requirements of our customers from the speed of response and professionalism and quality. Also, our team is fully aware of all the details of the certified translation in Egypt, so they can respond to all your inquiries and help you.

Special Translation Offers

First Translation Services is characterized by offering lower prices and higher quality than its competitors.

The best certified translation company in Egypt and the Middle East

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