Certified Translation Office from The German Embassy

At First Translation Services, we take pride in being a Certified Translation Office from The German Embassy. Our team of certified translators is committed to providing you with accurate and reliable translations for all your German document needs.

Our German translators constantly enhance their knowledge in specialized fields and maintain professional translation standards. We do not assign specialized professional tasks to amateur or fresh graduates with limited experience.  We translate all documents such as commercial registries, tax cards, tax declarations, birth, death, marriage certificates, and movements certificate. We translate all documents and papers required for the purpose of reunification and papers required for the purpose of marriage.

In addition to our German-to-English and English-to-German translation services. First Translation Company also offers certified translation from the German embassy in a variety of other languages, including French, Arabic, Spanish, and more.

Our certified translators specialize in a wide range of fields, including legal, technical, medical, financial, commercial, and economic translations. Whether you need to translate a legal document, a technical manual, or a financial statement, our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your translations are accurate and of the highest quality.

No matter what languages you need to translate, First Translation Services can assist you with your translation needs. Contact us