Certified Translation Office from French Embassy

First Translation Services is a certified translation office from the French embassy that provides certified translation for the French Language. Our certified French translators have extensive experience translating official documents for embassies, governments, and foreign entities. Our team provides translations of various documents including university certificates, certificates of experience, declarations, national ID cards, and marriage contracts. Also, we specialized in translating memorandum of association, labor contracts, commercial agreements, birth certificates, ownership contracts, and all other documents.

As an authorized translation office from the French embassy, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality translations on time. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure that their deadlines are met and their expectations are exceeded. Plus, we offer competitive pricing to make professional translation services accessible to everyone.

In addition to our exceptional translation services, we also specialize in professional interpretation services that facilitate effective communication in various industries.

Our interpreter team is well-versed in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation techniques, ensuring smooth and accurate communication between individuals or groups speaking different languages.

 The translation is not limited to the French language or Certified Translation only. We have a group of translators specialized in legal, technical, medical, financial, commercial, economic and etc.

As a trusted provider of professional translation services, we have built a strong reputation for delivering accurate and reliable translations to clients across various industries. Whether you’re expanding your business globally or seeking to immigrate to a new country, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.



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No matter what languages you need to translate, First Translation Services can assist you with your translation needs.