Certified Translation Office From The British Embassy

Certified Translation Office from the British Embassy in Cairo

First Translation Services Company presents a certified translation from the British embassy. First Translation Services translates all official documents taking into account high quality and accuracy. Our company has a large group of accredited translators of the English language. They have great experience in the translation of all official documents before embassies, governmental authorities, and foreign entities.

We provide translation of university certificates, certificates of experience, academic certificates, declarations, national id cards,  and marriage contracts. Our team also provides certified translation for immigration, memorandum of association, labor and ownership contracts, minutes, decrees, commercial agreements, and birth certificates. All translation team at First Translation Company provides certified translation from the British embassy in any language.

First Translation Company also provides interpretation for conferences, business meetings, legal proceedings, medical consultations, and others. Our interpreter team is well-versed in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation techniques. They ensure smooth and accurate communication between individuals or groups speaking different languages.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and take every precaution to ensure that all sensitive information remains secure.

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No matter what languages you need to translate, First Translation Services can assist you in your translation needs for the British Embassy.