Scene No. 10                                     The German Residence                           Night \ Interior

A big wooden Cabin

The general assembly of the German is written on the screen … the climate is arid and the cold is freezing, some of the German fighters are wearing simple clothes from the harsh animal leather, they sitting on a large table; every commander sits beside his wife and bottles of wine in front of them, they drink glasses of wine one after another, and they make important decision while they are drunken.

Their King

You fighters and the best nobles of German … I am meeting with you today in the General Assembly after I heard some news that the Romans are very busy in these days to kill the Christian; and this is our chance to attack them.

Another Commander

We wait for your sign, your Majesty.

Their King

Best fighters, Are you ready?

Another Commander

Yes, … My lord King, … the German was born on the battle-ground.

The King drinks his Glass on one time, and upon he finishes it.

Their King

Therefore … we declare the war

They shout in happiness and point their glasses

We declare the war