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Graduation Certificate

Faculty of Urban and regional Planning at Cairo University hereby certifies that
Nationality:                                       Student Code:
Date of Birth:                                    Place of Birth:
Has obtained the Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and regional Planning – May 2018 Round
General Specialization: Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning
Department/ Basic Specialization: Urban Design
Total credited hours: 177
GPA: 2.2                                                Accumulative Grade: C
General Grade (Equal): Good
Grade of graduation project: B
Accumulative ranking in Department/ Basic Specialization: 64

Knowing that the result has been approved by Faculty Council no. 346 on 24/6/2018

This is to certify whereof

Competent                                             Reviser                                         General Director of Educational Affairs
//Signed//                                              //Signed//                                                      //Signed//

To be Approved by Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohamed Elzaafarany

Seal: The original document bears the seal of Cairo University – Faculty of Urban and regional Planning.
Approved by University secretary signed .
Seal: The original bears the seal of Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Orabi Office for Ratification and Consular Services for Citizens under No. 46688 dated 19/10/2021 as well as the Official Emblem of the A.R.E with all due signatures.

Dated on : 19/9/2018

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